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Why settle for loser lotteries?...
Together we recreate and revolutionize them.
Through the "High Impact Lottery".

Want some money?

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Our Mission

Our Mission is simple – change lives – for the better.  How?

Global – and United, we are…a High Impact force.  We know that lotteries can dramatically change lives.  The problem is, most lotteries make winners out of the lottery creators, not the players, not “the people.”  But, there is consequential power in numbers.  Using that power in a lottery is a proven method of generating money, but unfortunately not distributing it. Few people win, and even fewer win big; even fewer really big.

We are EARTHX Corporation.  We are Globally empowering and impacting.  We are Power In Numbers We are “us”… all of us… you, me, our families,  our friends, our neighbors, working together to enrich each other, with R.E.A.L. technology that enables us to achieve extraordinarily high impact.

What Is High Impact Lottery?

We employ R.E.A.L. Technology and introduce a Smart Contract architecture into the equation, producing an entirely unique, synergistic approach to reducing odds and significantly increasing the number of payouts…creating life changing payouts.

This mathematical methodology enables us to impact far more lives, far more often, with far more money.  How?  Because the money is compounded, and the payouts are near 100%, and 100% distributed, because the people deserve 100%.

Most all other mathematical methodologies create 99.99% losers and rely on false hope to gain ticket sales, all so “THEY”, not “US” can win.  Bigger winnings mean bigger “takings” – for THEM.  Plus, they can’t compound the money, so there are far less winners for far less money when loser methodologies do allow just enough winners to legitimize their loser lotteries.

* Find out what R.E.A.L. is – check out the BIIOVERSE WhitePaper –    or go to

The Impact Question

R.E.A.L. or Imagined Lotteries

Why bother playing if your chances of losing are nearly 100%?  What drives lotteries?  False hope…

When it comes to lotteries, it’s always about high odds against, with the lowest of low odds of winning anything at all, especially life altering money.  But people play to have their lives altered, not just to win enough for a Happy meal. 

The only way to make this happen is either through fewer drawing numbers, or through an advanced technology with the capability to make dreams come true, through a mind-blowing  high frequency of payouts and winners. 

An Entirely Revolutionary
Lottery System

We’re all at least marginally aware of the problems and reality-checks the few lucky winners of lotteries face. One of the biggest ones is losing a huge amount of money in confiscation.  Half of the winnings go to the lottery agency issuers!  NOT with R.E.A.L. lottery.  You get it ALL.

R.E.A.L. Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology results only from deep penetration into the very bone marrow of a problem. One of the greatest problems is how exactly to most effectively distribute massive amounts of money throughout the world, fairly, and equitably.  That’s where R.E.A.L. Technology comes in.  It’s the only way to make it happen.

Winnings Driven

Technology can be an entire game-changer, and R.E.A.L. technology is more than “disruptive.”  It’s an entirely new paradigm.  Learn about it; read the White Paper.  Either way, R.E.A.L. is going to permanently alter civilization, so it’s better to see it coming – and be ahead of the curve.

R.E.A.L. Winning vs. Always Losing

People need to “live”, not just “exist”, and R.E.A.L. technology opens up that real possibility to the furthest reaches of humanity through it’s unique Smart Contract driven lottery, assuring the best possible, continuous winning outcomes “For the People – For a Change.”  

It’s an easy Fact to prove.  Simply test drive the System.  No one gets hurt from “Gifting” a little money into the System to simply see if it works.  Then, just be patient as the algorithms deliver healthy, generous,, and profuse payouts.

What if…

What if lotteries were fair, and equitable, with more payouts more frequently to more people changing more lives?  Would you give it a chance?

The R.E.A.L.™ Eco System fuels it and is fueled by it, enabling the Lottery form of Impact Gifting to reach the highest possible payout results in history.  All it takes is the combined supporting interest of our Global community, and lives are changed.  It’s just that simple.

Stay in touch to find out exactly when this R.E.A.L. revolutionary lottery launches,  so that you can be an instrumental part of it, before it leaves you behind – wishing you did…

LOTTERIIA™ is a R.E.A.L. Technology driven Humanitarian Relief Lottery "Gifting/Receiving" System.
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